Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pastor Lia preached on fruitfulness of a Christian today.
Relevance and Reproduction Power!
I believe for reproduction power in D50! Our fruits will remain,there will be breakthrough!! CGLs,worship leaders,ministry leaders will birth forth!

I'm gonna stay faithful to the little that I have! Not gonna lose heart,lose focus!Revival is gonna come!

Gavin is just so amazing, He will impact the musical industries! =)
Julian is rising up too! He will be a great man of God!
and Matthew, the wayne rooney of soccer ministry, is simply real awesome!

More to come man... its been 8 months since D50 started. Just hang on choong kai, its not the time to give up, I will STAND ON THE PROMISE HE MADE!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Im loving life!!!

Leaders' meeting yesterday was mind blowing man!150 more in the next 60 days!Trainings!Follow-ups! wow,the next 60 days are gonna be exciting man.

Oh btw.Its Coming.D50 is gonna grow!
15!!!its gonna happen  man!!BREAKTHROUGH!!

15!!! 15!!! 15!!! 15!!! 15!!! 15!!! 15!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

time to! what a word..its been very long since i blog again...
Lifes been good.EXAMS HAVE JUST ENDED TODAY!!man A math was freaking terrible to the core..but who cares.its over!!!I ban the word EXAM from today onwards.

many things have happened for the past 1month! from the very cool 24 prayer relay,to the day carlo left,and then to the shell shocking pastor steve munsey's service!Those are days to remember man..but more has yet to come!

woohooo!!!!yea man..

I still remember the very very very first time i stepped into HOGC was Red Rain concert..haha at that time i was still sec 1!This year is the 3rd time im going for Red Rain concert!

Their songs are really the best!!!They will totally rock the socks out of you man HAHA!!!Especially the DRUMMER!!!
I believe its gonna be another rock and rolling Redrain concert this year!
Haha thats all im blogging today.BYE people! =D

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Guess what i almost forgotten that i have a blog HAHA..anyway my life is not boring,its too happening until im lazy to blog so many things!!!

well second term started like last week.other than going for breaks and talking with friends,i think school ultimately sucks!how many of you agree with me?? =D teacher scold here scold there(im not the one who got scolded) tired la make me want to sleep.especially during history lessons. honestly i like history,but the teacher talk until make me so sleepy..and i always sleep in her class one,so its like the whole class know already HAHAHA.. however i think A maths lessons still owns! mr neo the best one la..he has yet to scold oour class..and he is just such a joker!

Life totally rocks! 2 days ago was the D zone sushi outing!Even before i step into that place..i know its D zone alr! all the laughter and everything,the moment gavin and i saw the whole zone we were like WAHHH!! so i started to eat and eat and eat...until sidney tan came and gave me a treat to this green little round ball.i thought it was something sweet and he said it was nice so i just whack that thing into my mouth!little did i know it was WASABI INSIDE!!then it was super hot la!!my nose like burning already!!!everyone in the zone was looking at me at that moment..then i started to bite,cos the wasabi melted,and actually really its quite sweet HAHA!

We took a D zone photo outside and then Dominic shared quite a few things about the new PTLs and everything..and Lee Hong Rui!my beloved best friend is now a PTL!!!congrats to him so cool la..all of us are really rising up now,and for D zone, its like the whole zone got 20 new PTLs! more leaders are rising up to man! D zone will grow!!!

The best part was yesterday! after school gavin,godric and i went to tamp mall to eat at pastamania! its really been very long since we hang out together!!its like reunion dinner like that la haha!!missed those times we talked nonsense together do things together play pranks together..we LIVE LIFE TOGETHER MAN!!!haha! its great that this things are coming back!!watch out people,the 3 musketeer strikes back. HAHA =D 

D50 has gotta be united man,next time wont be the 3 of us only!GO D50!!QU CHI DA CHAN LE HAHAHA!!

ok time to leave for Discipleship class!excited man HAHA bye people XD

Monday, March 9, 2009

Wow this few days is so shiok!!cause its the rainy season and like the weather is super cooling this is the best time to sleep..even now i feel like if i sleep now dont need to wake up tomorrow man!
school really rocks!hahaha life is just so great!after this week i have one week of holidays..not a lot la..but it still rocks my socks!!hahaha..

Just now we were in paya lebar macdonalds for the d odds chalet we just went all the way of the track LOL! like today we were just joking so much..cannot like that la..but just once in a lifetime XD. so anyway,during the discussion,gavin and i saw the dragonball evolution trailer and we suddenly went kaaa meeehh haaa meeehhh haaaa!!!(those who watch dragonball,you all should know) lol and we laughed like crazy..cause that movie is just so dumb!!but the cartoon still rocks..i didnt know gavin watches dragonball z as well man!HAHA flow too much with him already...

weekend was just too awesome.Pastor Josh Kelsey came to our church again!He is really a powerful pastor!From the way he preach u can tell his someone thats really equipped with the word of God.
The word he preached yesterday and the day before totally blew me away.

On saturday he preached just by using the first 6 verses of the book of Romans!he preached about us belonging to God,and how because we belong to God,we can be bold to declare His name.because we belong to Him,we can shine God's glory.

Then on sunday,he preached about following God closely.Throughout the whole service..i just told myself..hey,i havent been following God closely...yes i've been following him,but at a distance..i cant even hear Him speak to me..maybe thats why ive been feeling so dry..not renewed with His word. It's because i need to follow Him closely,to spend intimate time with God,giving Him my more of His word.Then i will be ready,to take on this race once more.
I just want more of You in my life!

These few upcoming weeks are going to be exciting!

time to go,nite!

Friday, March 6, 2009

its time to update my blog!WAHAHA after 10million years of not updating..its time to tell u whats been happening!

Life has been good!everything is going on awesomely well!actually not really awesome..this few weeks is all about tests after tests after tests..and school life is just so mundane!and even on weekends during sounds training..ALSO TEST!!!but that one is different case =) HAHA cause its for me to understand sounds better to serve God in that ministry better!!But the truth is,even though its test after test everyday..LIFE IS STILL GOOD!!

Affluence to Influence conference last weekend was powerful,Mr Lee Hong Rui,my bestest,best ever,forever,totally awesome,cool,joker,funny and bestest good friend,shared his testimony!I tell u its super powerful!Im sure his testimony touched many peoples heart that day!

D50 is starting to really look like one big family.its great to see this cg from 3,Gavin,Godric  and slowly..Julian,Guo Zhe,Jessica,Choon Kiat is joining in this big family!!they are going to experience the love and crazyness of this CG haha!!

Gavin is a super joker la haha he was late for 2 wednesdays in 2 weeks wahaha and we start school at 8.30am on wednesday HAHA because of that our teacher punish us and we need to wear tie everyday to school!although most of my classmates went whining and everything i told them..good what!we look much smarter councillors LOL!The thing is Gavin was still so happy even after that..its just so gavin..
                          "the gavin i know is a joker and funny
                          the gavin i know get detention but still smiles."

oh and this march holidays,something awesome,fun,exciting,exhilarating and cool is coming!its the zone D ODDS CHALET!!!its going to be really exciting!lots of food and games!be prepared for the most exciting event this march holidays!!!

                         IM COMING FOR D ODDS CHALET!!!ARE YOU??

haha there will be a video on the chalet coming up soon stay tune for more!!hahaha =)

thats all guys time for dinner!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hey guys!wow so long never update already..but haha camp was fun and is still great! =)

monday we walked from school to the camp site.was a 2-3h walk there.when we reached there,i was like "eh actually the place not bad ah." i actually did not look forward to the camp,but my impression changed when i reached there,the place like quite clean,then the canteen so big.the wind also very cooling,cause we are near the it was quite awesome haha.

but little did we know first day it was just crap.briefing ended up with some nonsense speech by mr chai saying your behavior set the tone of the camp.keep scolding people..lame!! and we did everything late.first day was quite boring..

second day completely different was the best!there was kayaking,wow it rocks la!haha..wah its like out in the deep blue sea..then u row the kayak.its the best man..haha i keep racing with gavin,he cheater one la push my boat away one..then need to turn around
campfire was awesome as well..i think our class the performance was the most exciting one,other class like nothing special. =)

Oh btw,never ever sleep beside godric,he is a disgusting boy HAHA.kick u around one..

last day..was quite ok.area cleaning was super slack and we went off earlier than expected.then went macdonalds to eat.go home sleep.go out again cut hair.go home eat.sleep awhile,now blogging.later still need to do something small for valentines day for the sec 1.but i believe its gonna be a blast =)..and lastly still there A math tired,but never mind,can what mr neo says "pretend to be not tired!" haha joker la he.

Anyway,something cool and exciting is coming up.HEARTFEST IS COMING!

There will be lots of FOOD and GAMES!if thats not enough,we still have HUMAN FOOSEBALL!!GLADIATOR GAMES!for those who prefer to be indoors can play GUITAR HERO and Wii and PS3!


you can ask me through msn or sms for more information!It will be on this saturday 14 feb,from 11am onwards!its free and i guarantee u that this year your valentine's day will be different!and really excitingly exhilaratingly mind blowingly full of fun!HAHA!